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secrets choked in the fishing line

there's a smell here that stands my hair on end

addicted to farmville.
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Way too old for a fangirl. Move way too often. Hate packing.

Terribly introverted. But occasionally silly. Bitter and strange. Cynical and sarcastic. Not that pessimistic. Most of the time. Maybe today. Who knows?

blueraccoon's other half.

Music geek and Alexander Pope's worst nightmare.


•I love mankind. It's people I can't stand. Linus
•More snow, fewer rednecks. emungere
•Cookies for all, sex for some. emeraldsedai
•No sex for rednecks. emungere
•I have never spanked my creations. And by never I mean seldom, and by seldom I mean porn. Joss Whedon
•No man is an island; unless, of course, he doesn't bathe, then everyone wishes he were. skripmom
•Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Steve Martin
•Heterosexuality is not normal; it's just common. Dorothy Parker
•Testicularly speaking, Fox dropped the ball on that one. Adrian Pasdar

This Journal is rated NC-17. Definitely, postively yes. Don't read if you're not old enough to handle it. Don't read if you're not mature enough to handle explicit homoerotic or heteroerotic content, either.

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Marriage is love.

Naughty Space Pirate (ruled by sparky77) and member of Still_Flying. Ultimate Drew's 639th minion.

And just a quick note... Firefly will ALWAYS live, damnit. We're just too damn pretty to die.

Curious about my user name?

The WeatherPixie

Mildly exhibitionistic.
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Firefly mood theme, v. 2 by selluinlaer.

grrliz made the layout [via thefulcrum, "Your Biggest Flan"]; I modified it and made the graphics, based on the Neko Case song, Red Tide.

B8 d t- k- s- u-- f- i- o+ x++ e l+ c
That friends thing.

I write fanfic. Slowly. And mostly slash, because I find the concept of two guys getting it on really, really hot. Or femmeslash, because girls are hot, too. Like, really hot. Or het. Because I have broad taste in porn. Basically, if there's chemistry, I'll 'ship them. If you're unlucky, you'll get to read my filthy, smutty and/or cracky fantasies.

Now that I know how to use Photoshop, I make icons. I use other people's brushes, as well as the dorky ones I make. Some are by quebelly, dtissagirl, saava, isabellecs, oxoniensis, crumblingwalls, elli jennithepirate, misprintedtype, and misguidedbuddha & gradients by crumblingwalls. I usually get Firefly caps from this site, and Buffyverse ones from here and here. I still know how to use Photoshop, but I'm basically lazy and need massive inspiration to get started.

I use a Mac for pretty much all of the above.

icon by "blinker"

My communities: adrianpasdarfen, gibbs_abby, geniusxmechanic, the_pretty_fits, realfireflyfic and nathanfillion. I created firefly_caps with inalasahl and wicked_goddess and co-mod prettylightsfic with dirty_diana and still_chatting with sffan. There are likely a few I've missed in there, too.

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